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A shared workspace in Longview, Texas

“Working Smart” is about taking advantage of every opportunity to be more productive and to make your business more successful. At Work Smart, we’re all about creating the type of environment that offers those opportunities for success, as well as ensuring that the journey along the way is a positive one.

Work Smart’s non-traditional workspace offers all the benefits of having your own office or space with none of the headaches or high costs of investing in square footage, furniture, office equipment, or problems that come with working at home or a busy coffee shop.

More than just another day at the office

Work should be more than just another day at the office, that’s why at Work Smart, we encourage networking, collaborating and connecting with other members. You never know where that next great idea or new client could come from. Often the best way to grow your business is to grow your own network of peers, colleagues, and new friends.


Our Mission

To provide Class A Office space that creates a community to work, connect and enjoy. To honor God in all that we do, foster an environment to help our people grow, and pursue excellence all while expanding God’s Kingdom.


Smart Brews

If working at home is just not working out or you’re sick of the expensive coffees and hassles of the public coffee shop, Work Smart is the place to get your work done in a fun and unique environment. We provide free coffee and flavored waters for our members and guests…that’s right, we said FREE, and you’ll enjoy our grab-n-go Smart Market featuring tasty breakfast, lunch, and snack items for purchase to keep you fueled and focused.


Our Goals

Just as you’d expect at a luxury hotel, our Work Smart staff is dedicated to providing you the finest in authentic hospitality, business services, and work accommodations, all customized to meet your needs and the needs of your business, along with the amenities you need to get the job done with none of the investment in equipment and maintenance, including mail and copier services, high-speed Wi-Fi, and teched-out conference rooms. For more information on hourly conference room rates and copier and mailing service fees, check our Smart Plans.


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