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Smart Day
Need workspace just for the day? Choose from our SmartSpace or SmartPod options.
Per Day
Smart Space
Smart Space is WorkSmart’s common area. Be a part of the open community by the day or rent it for the month!
Per Month
Smart Pod
Stuck somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert? Enjoy a semiprivate desk space by the day or rent it for the month!
Per Month
Smart Desk
Enjoy an open-to-the-public private desk that overlooks the balcony onto the skyline and above your fellow coworking cohorts.
Starting at
Smart Office
Enjoy your own private, spacious, and personalized office with a locked filing cabinet, locking door, and more.
Starting at
Host an Event
WorkSmart is proud to host all kinds of events. Utilize our rooftop deck, common area, or conference rooms.
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Member Events
Access During Week
Access 24/7
Private Office with Locking Door
Smart Booth
Small Smart Room (Conference)

Small Room Additional $20 per hour

Large Smart Room (Conference)

Large Room Additional $40 per hour

High Speed Internet
Free Coffee & Water

Printing $0.25 per additional - per month

  • Smart Space & Smart Pod 15 B&W / 5 Color
  • Smart Desk 30 B&W / 10 Color
  • Smart Office 40 B&W / 20 Color

Mail Box Additional $25 per month

Phone Booth
Treadmill Desk
Smart Market
Smart Escape (Quiet Room)
Smart Day
Smart Space
Smart Pod
Smart Desk
Smart Office